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Different Types Of Dental Implants In San Antonio

June 20, 2017

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ental implants in San Antonio from New Image Dentistry can replace one, two, or a whole row of missing teeth. Let’s be honest – you’ve been dealing with the gaps in your smile longer than you’d like to admit. Since your tooth loss has progressed, dentures are your only option, right? Luckily for you, there are several different options for dental implants in San Antonio when you work with the experts at New Image Dentistry. In this post, they explain the many choices you have to restore the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.


Treat Enamel Erosion With Your Dentist In San Antonio

June 1, 2017

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If you have enamel erosion, this can lead to serious dental issues. Thankfully though, New Image Dentistry, your dentist in San Antonio, can help. For longer than you’d like to admit, you’ve had pain in a tooth on the lower right side of your mouth. It’s sensitive and no matter what you do, the discomfort lingers – you’ve stop drinking hot beverages, eliminated cold foods, and even stopped eating sweets – but nothing helps. When you see your dentist in San Antonio, they inform you that you have enamel erosion. But luckily for you, the team at New Image Dentistry has options to help restore your tooth and end the pain.


Your Trusted Dentist Serving Olmos Park

April 26, 2017

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Dentist in Olmos Park providing comprehensive dental care. At New Image Dentistry, Dr. Christopher J. Holland and his associates provide high quality dental care for San Antonio and all surrounding communities. That means we are the dentist Olmos Park can trust, too! From the preventive dentistry that keeps halitosis and cavities at bay to the restorative care that renews your ability to smile and speak with confidence, we provide a full list of services for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from the best dentist near Olmos Park, then request an appointment for you or your loved ones today.


Your Dentist In San Antonio Explains Why Some Necessary Services Aren’t Covered By Insurance

March 21, 2017

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Is your necessary dental service not covered by your insurance? Find out why you’ll still need your procedure and what to do from your dentist in San Antonio. You have a missing tooth that you desperately want to take care of – but you’re only 35, and a bridge or partial denture isn’t for you. You want a dental implant from your dentist in San Antonio, but your insurance won’t cover this procedure. Should you opt for the covered treatment or just let the blank spot linger? Find out why some services may not be covered by your plan, even though they’re necessary for your oral health. Dr. Christopher J. Holland at New Image Dentistry explains why, and what you can do about it, in this post.


Dentist in San Antonio: Fixing Your Bad Breath

February 14, 2017

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Bad breath comes from many sources--diet, tobacco, and health issues. Dentist in San Antonio, Dr. Christopher J. Holland, will help you fix it.Bad breath is so mortifying, and it can point to a health issue in the mouth or another place in your body.  Dentist in San Antonio, Dr. Christopher Holland, and his professional colleagues at New Image Dentistry help patients with halitosis achieve great smelling breath and outstanding oral health, too. How can we help you?



What Is an In Network Dentist in San Antonio?

January 23, 2017

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What exactly is an in network dentist in San Antonio?The biggest concern many people have about their dental care is whether or not they will be able to afford it. Costs can quickly accumulate, so it’s best to know what to expect before you walk into the office. You see many dental practices talk about being “in network” with certain insurance providers, but what does that even mean? How will it affect your ability to pay? Why would you go to an in network dentist in San Antonio? Today, we’re going to break down what this actually means and how it can affect your next visit to New Image Dentistry. (more…)

How To Replace Your Missing Teeth in San Antonio

December 6, 2016

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How can I replace my missing teeth in San Antonio?You’re going through the grocery store and casually walk through the produce section…for the third time. You always make sure to pass the apples and linger a bit. You can’t remember the last time you were actually able to eat one. Your missing teeth have made it difficult to chew a lot of things, and it was a sad day when it became too much of a task to eat an apple. On this particular day, you decide it’s finally time to do something about it. The only question is, what should you use to replace your missing teeth in San Antonio? There are a few options out there, but which one is best for you?  The doctors at New Image Dentistry are going to tell you a little more about crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.  (more…)

What To Do If You Need Emergency Dentistry in San Antonio

August 28, 2016

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Learn more about emergency dentistry in San Antonio.Dental emergencies are never convenient, and they can be frightening and stressful if you don’t know how to handle them. Dr. Christopher Holland, Dr. Chrysalis Heinkel and Dr. Jade Wylie are the emergency dentists San Antonio trusts, and for a limited time you can receive an emergency examination and x-rays from New Image Dentistry for only $29. Help is just a phone call away, so the first thing to remember is not to panic. Here’s more information on what to do if you need emergency dentistry in San Antonio.


Your Alamo Heights Dentist

June 24, 2016

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Your Alamo Heights dentist has many advanced services to meet your needs.Finding the right dental practitioner to work with can be challenging, especially if you’re looking for the entire family. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a provider who could meet everyone’s needs in one place, rather than having to take your children all over town to other appointments? Good news! Dr. Christopher Holland and Dr. Chrysalis Heinkel are your premiere Alamo Heights dentists, and they can take care of all of your family’s needs here at New Image Dentistry, even your smallest patients’ needs. Here are some of the advanced services you can expect to find at New Image Dentistry.


Invisalign in San Antonio Can Discreetly Give You a New Smile

February 15, 2016

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Change your smile and change your life with Invisalign in San AntonioHeart pounding, you begin to sweat as the anxiety sets in. Whether you’re doing a group presentation, or meeting with a new client, the reaction is always the same, and it’s because of your teeth. Why do your teeth cause such a strong reaction? Because they are crooked and overlap, and you feel embarrassed about them whenever you have to talk with a new client or group. Did you know that Invisalign in San Antonio can discreetly give you a new smile?

Dr. Christopher J. Holland, at New Image Dentistry located in San Antonio, can help you straighten your teeth, achieve the smile that you desire, and the best part is that no one will ever know you’re having orthodontic treatment done. This is achieved through Invisalign, and it may just be the solution that changes your life!


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